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Our New, Award Winning Boutique

The Full Story

From the beginning of The Bridal Box - I wanted to create something that had these 3 fundamental things - excellent customer service, personalised experiences and a magical atmosphere in which to choose the dress you've always dreamed about.

Everything I have strived to achieve over the years has been filled with love and an appreciation for what makes a bride happy, with the ongoing desire to strive to reach higher heights. We have been in our Slaithwaite home now for 4 years and its been wonderful, its also home to nearly 200 dresses and unfortunately I can't make the space any bigger, so with that in mind it's time to move on to somewhere a little larger!

I drove past the (soon to be) new boutique premises every day and when I saw it was available I ignored it - for 3 whole months! It felt like too big a leap for little old me. But those stained glass windows kept calling me in! So, I took the plunge and arranged to see it. And fell in love. The fact that the building is where my Grandad went to school made it all the more special.

The rest of the story includes lots of renovation work, a bad back, way more money than I ever wanted to spend and a ridiculous amount of white paint, to create something that will hopefully bring as much joy to my brides as it has to me.

So here we are! We moved in on the 1st October and we are open for appointments! 

I can't wait to welcome you all, its a dream come true.

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Bookings Made For 2023

All bookings made for the remainder of 2023 at our new boutique will receive 5% off their chosen dress!

Our New Address

516a Manchester Road



S36 2DU

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