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Welcome to the TEMPLESPA page!

I hope you have loved the TEMPLESPA products that were included in your goodie box! I personally choose all of them as I have a love affair with their products

As a bride-to-be (or other crucial part of the big day!), it's important to feel amazing! The reason I have teamed up with TEMPLESPA is to help you feel the best you can on your big day. 

And the wonderful thing is that by purchasing via my website you will get an exclusive free gift - just mention 'The Bridal Box' when ordering to receive it! This offer is open to everyone!


On top of that all Bridal Box Brides get an extra 10% off their order! 

Can I order more?

Yes you can!

I am here if you need:

🖤 A personal skin consultation

🖤 To organise your free bridal party 'Spa to Go' evening 

🖤 To order products (don't forget your 10% off!)

You can choose how you want to arrange the above, either call, email me or visit my website directly! All the details are below!

What TEMPLESPA do and why...

We create exceptional skincare products and experiences that make a real difference to your skin and soul health. We believe that your body is a living temple.
Honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full.


Our skincare mission has always been to look the best version of yourself. Not perfect. The best temple.


Your skin health is not only your natural barrier and outer shell but the most important visible layer to other people and the world. At TEMPLESPA we want you to look the best for the age that you are. To look healthy, energised, less tired perhaps and with good “skin health”. Content to “age well”.


We also want you feel the best version of yourself.


To have the best “soul health”.


To feel good, feel healthy, feel confident, balanced, in control of your own destiny, able to inspire and make others feel good too.. To have great personal wellbeing. To feel empowered and love ourselves… and others is good ”soul health”.

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